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2011 Charles Joguet ‘Clos du Chêne Vert’ Chinon

Charles Joguet is one of the most well-regarded estates in Chinon, even though he is retired now, he was an incredible thinker and taster.  He abandoned a career as a painter/sculptor to make wine and he took over his family domaine in 1957. He made the decision to stop selling any of his grapes to negociants, as his own family has done for years. The legend was born and the rest is history…

Today, it’s a young and talented person who oversees the vineyard: Kevin Fontaine, who has closely adhered to the tradition of Charles, he makes 9 cuvees, all are single vineyards expression wines, and his goal is to realize the true potential of the land.

Why do we like it?

Out of his range, the Clos du Chêne Vert is seen as a Grand Cru, it is probably the most famous wine of the estate and for very good reason. The aging potential and class of those wines is simply extraordinary. With only 25hl/ha, the yields are very tiny producung wine with a great purity of fruit, exceptional aromatics and flavours with a seductive texture which make these wines second to none.

The Clos du Chêne Vert will give you a great sensation of softness and refined tannins, a touch of blueberries, plum, tomato leaf and mint remaining, along with aging characteristics of dried mushrooms and spice.

Grape            Cabernet Franc

Country        France                                      

Region          Loire Valley

Vintage        2011

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