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2013 Dalwhinnie 'The Pinnacle' Shiraz, Pyrenees

Dalwhinnie vineyards have been growing in the heart of the Pyrenees region in Western Victoria for nearly 50 years. Located at almost 600m of altitude, Dalwhinnie is the highest estate in the region. It produces ultra-premium wines that are distinctive, elegant and reflect the benefit of a dry-grown vineyard. With only 16 hectares, the vineyards are non-irrigated and operated on strong organic viticultural principles with the fruit handpicked, and the vines cane-pruned by hand. Founder was Ewan Jones, another great wine legend. 

Why do we like it?

Quite simply because every vintage I have tried was better than the other, and every bottle I have opened, I hoped I opened in 5 years down the road. These wines are always ready to be drunk and will always improve with age… your choice when to enjoy it! When we met Ewan Jones at the restaurant was fun, a big man, with thick farming hands, but with a sweet, soft and passionate heart for his wines. This is a ripe black fruited wine, with dark chocolate, mocha, roasted coffee beans and a long, very long persistent palate. Full bodied, warm but genial and that really benefit from aging. This 2013 Pinnacle is in a great spot right now!


Grape           Shiraz

Country        Australia                               

Region          Pyrenees                            

Vintage        2013

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