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2013 Domaine des Baumard, ‘Clos du Papillon’ Savennieres, Loire Valley

Florent Baumard is a great producer of the Loire Valley, in the Anjou area of Savennieres, which benefits from a micro-climate making it the hottest place in the region. The wines are all made from Chenin Blanc and provide some of the richest expressions of the grape.

Living in a very traditional region didn’t stop Florent from challenging the status quo and pursuing his own ideas. As an example, Florent’s early adoption of screwcaps (he adopted them more than 20 years ago) and different vine trellising systems (very high) got him the reputation as the ’enfant terrible’ of Savennieres. But he does believe in the uniqueness and character of each vintage, in order to highlight those, he uses minimal intervention techniques, and his Chenin Blanc are some of the best examples of the appellation.

Why do we like it?

The Clos du Papillon is probably his most famous and one of his most prestigious single-vineyard wine. The fruit is bright and suggests a bit of reduction when young but with age, the wine becomes more open and developed wonderful aromatics. It’s rich and elegant at the same time with tremendous weight and concentration. You will notice a touch of honeysuckle, quince, candied lemon and nuttiness on the palate, it’s a wine that drinks very well after 9 years in the bottle and offers more complexity than at the beginning of its life. 

Grape           Chenin Blanc

Country        France                                            

Region          Loire Valley                                      

Vintage         2013

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