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2015 Larmandier-Bernier 1er Cru Terre de Vertus, Champagne

When it comes to Champagne, one can either go to very big houses, you know them, the very big brands that we all know very well, or one can go to small producers.  That is what we offer you here, these are the small growers as they are known nowadays.  The producers work extremely hard in their vineyards every single day. Imagine the disease pressure in Champagne? Cool, wet, foggy? The team at Larmandier-Bernier work so intensely in the vineyard that this becomes less of a problem. Champagne made organically truly defines the finesse of each glass, the bubbles are fine, creamy, refreshing and so alive. Larmandier-Bernier is a Champagne crafted with "precision, patience, healthy, ripe grapes for pure, mineral and authentic wines" - it truly is! (Disgorged. April 2021).

Why do we like it?

Well, this is a very serious Champagne. We should almost just leave it at that and let you discover why we love it. It is so pristine, complex and long. There are notes of truffle alongside toasted brioche and light marmalade, the bubbles literally melt in the palate. This wine is a hard one to recommend with anything because it goes well with pretty much everything.


Grape           100% Chardonnay 

Country        France                                 

Region          Champagne                                       

Vintage         2015


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