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2016 Yeringberg Shiraz Yarra Valley

The de Pury family tradition of excellence in winemaking and farming started in 1863 and is continued today by fourth-generation siblings Sandra and David de Pury.  Sandra and David put their hearts and souls in the land, the grapes and every single bottle. Their Shiraz is something else.

We met Sandra at an event at Vue de monde a few years ago.  Listening to her talking about wine on that occasion, and her fascination for it, it truly sparked a curiosity in us to taste her wines. Since then, we continued to add more and more labels to the list, specifically the Rhone varietals, Shiraz, and the white blend of Marsanne Roussanne.


Why do we like it?

We like it because the Yeringberg Shiraz, with a little bit of age like this 2016, starts showing a lot of complexity. These wines generally need a few years to mellow the sharp tannins, alcohol and richness. They become savoury and earthy with an undeniable spicy character with notes of grounded black pepper. Last time we tried it  was during a Sommelier blind tasting, where each of us brought some fantastic bottles, but no one could believe this goodness was possible in the Yarra Valley when the bottle was revealed. 


Grape           Shiraz

Country        Australia                               

Region          Yarra Valley                              

Vintage         2016

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