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2018 Stefano Lubiana ‘Estate’ Pinot Noir

Stefano Lubiana is now on their 5th and 6th generation of winegrowing family. Steve’s father made wines in South Australia, and their ancestors in Italy before that, but it truly was in Tasmania where they found their passion since 1990. From using cosmic rhythms to ensure soil regeneration to the use of effective natural preparations to treat the vineyards, every effort is to make wines that are insanely delicious and long-lived. Stefano Lubiana owns its own vineyards in the Derwent Valley, Tasmania. All their land is Certified Biodynamic, and the soils are gravelly with loam over clay, giving the wine a delicious fruit density, quite powerful aromatically, with fine tannins and high mouth-watering acidity. 

Why do we like it?

It is a wine that you can certainly keep for the next 5 to 10 years or so. Since it is bottled under a screwcap holding the fruit fresh, but also with the fact that it is made in a cool climate, and biodynamically. The Estate Pinot Noir has longevity to it, fresh fruit aromas of strawberry, red cherry and raspberry with a fresh floral character and a long lingering finish. Serve it about 14 degrees to maximise the pretty bouquet.


Grape           Pinot Noir

Country        Australia                                

Region          Tasmania  

Vintage         2018

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