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2018 The Eyrie Vineyards ‘Pinot Meunier’ Oregon

David Lett pioneered Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris in Oregon. However also, and just as importantly, he established the tone of Oregon winegrowing in different ways: artisanal, individualistic, even idiosyncratic. There are now 300 plus wineries and 17.440 acres of vines, all of which can literally be traced back to Lett. Poetically Lett writes “I cannot help but feel now that success will be ours – there seems such a harmony between the earth, the sun, the cool breezes, the ranging predators which have so far kept injury from my vines”. What an inspiring career to live by.

This wine combines Pinot Meunier from 5 certified-organic estate vineyards, Jason Lett, now the second generation and his team work extremely hard to pull it off. The grapes are picked by hand, then destemmed and put into various fermenters, from small one-ton bins to a 5 ton wooden cuve, to allow for fermentation to occur. Barrels are mostly old, not imparting oak aromas but oxygenating the wine and developing more earthy and forest floor aromas.

Why do we like it?

The 2018 vintage was warm to start with, with colder June, allowing for some slow ripeness, the summer was dry with a record of 90 days without rain. The nights were very cold, the conditions ended up being good at blooming and finally the crop yielded small but healthy grapes. All organically farmed, very resilient grapes and with a beautiful intensity to them. Wines are sublime, elegant red berries, earthy, mushroom aromas and even a slight leather character. Delicious to enjoy right now, or in a couple of years.


Grape           Pinot Meunier

Country        USA                               

Region          Oregon                                   

Vintage         2018

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