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2019 Vadio Tinto, Baga, Bairrada

Vadio is Portuguese and in English it translates to bohemian; someone that is somewhat rowdy but artistic, vagabond but smart. What a name to describe this wine. Luis Patrao founded Vadio in 2005 in the Poutena village of Bairrada. Located in the Atlantic coast of central Portugal, characterized by soft hills and numerous valleys, it is located in between the river Vouga to the north and Mondego to the south. To the east is Caramulo-Bussaco, and its beautiful palace and gardens which construction started in 1888 and finished in 1907. The local soils are of clay-limestone and believe it or not, the all-region has in total 7000ha, with the average vineyard being 0.2ha in size – a very small production.

Luis, spent 13 years learning his craft at Herdade do Esporao in the southern region of Alentejo, before taking the adventure with his wife Eduarda Dias. Both are insanely obsessed with organic farming and for Luis, one day without visiting the vineyards, is not a good day!

Why do we like it?

Baga is a grape variety that has a huge character and personality to it. It can make delicious red wine as it has in this case, but it can also make the traditional local sparkling wines of very high quality. It is late ripening, vigorous and with small berries, somehow similar to a Nebbiolo. The Vadio red is hand-harvested, destemmed, fermented with wild yeasts, and matured in old barrels for 18 months. The palate is delicious, savoury and complex with aromas and flavours of sour cherry, forest floor, mushroom, tobacco, slightly gamey and a long finish. 

Grape           Baga

Country        Portugal                              

Region          Bairrada                              

Vintage         2019

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