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2020 Domaine Pithon-Paille 'Grololo' Rouge

In 1978, Jo Pithon started his first winery, Domaine Pithon in the Loire Valley appellation of Anjou. He was 22 years old at the time and had stars in his eyes. Jo is a pioneer of organic farming in the region and has inspired the next generation to work more ethically. In 2008, with the help of his wife, Isabelle, stepson Joseph Paillé, and daughter-in-law Wendy, he reimagined the family business to form Pithon-Paillé. They farm 13 hectares of their own land and all their grapes are farmed organically. The Domaine rules are simple; harvest from old vines planted in great locations. The region is well-known for sweet wine but Jo decided to pivot toward the exciting prospect of dry whites and reds.

Why do we like it?

The ‘Grololo’ name comes from the bounty of fruit from Mother Nature and is a slang for ‘big boobs’ as the creative label artistically shows. It’s also called a ‘glouglou’ wine in France, meaning it’s light in tannins and body with luscious and juicy fruit, full of life and vibrant floral notes, it’s a wine that puts a smile on your face as you drink it easily due to its deliciousness. It is made 100% from Grolleau grape which is an old varietal and rarely grown but very historical to the area. 


Grape           Grolleau

Region          France                              

Vintage        2020

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