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2020 Patrick Piuze Chablis ‘Terroir de Fye’

Patrick Piuze was born in Quebec, Canada in 1973 and his family was not involved in wine whatsoever. But he was 18 years old, he met someone that will change his life forever: Michel Chapoutier. Michel helped Patrick to get started and his love for winemaking was contagious. Thanks to him, Patrick travelled all over the world and worked in several wineries in Australia, South Africa and Israel. In the summer of 2000, Patrick decided to make a move to Burgundy and worked for Olivier Leflaive, to which follow a few harvests with Jean-Marie Guffens. After making a name for himself, he finally decided to open his own winery in Chablis in 2008. 


Why do we like it? 

Patrick doesn’t own any vineyards, but the quality of his wines suggests he certainly knows where the best vines of Chardonnay are buried. He looks for great old vines and then picks their produce by hand himself. His speciality is bottling wines grown in very specific vineyards that are designed to showcase the qualities of those terroirs. Not just in premier cru, and grand cru sites but, more distinctively, within the vast area designated simply Chablis. When tasting the full range, you can really sense the difference between each terroir. Expect tight citrus fruits, soft pear and apple, a light creamy texture and a long flint and chalk minerally finish.


Grape            Chardonnay

Country        France                                 

Region          Burgundy 

Vintage         2020

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