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2017 Le Salette, Amarone della Valpolicella Classico, Veneto

The sanctuary of Le Salette started in 1860 in the beautiful tiny village of Fumane by local farmers who decided to build it as a votive offering to ‘Our Lady’ when she freed their vineyards from the scourge of phylloxera. Located on top of the ancient rocks and surrounded by hills and vineyards the vines below the sacred sanctuary have always been the property of the Valpolicella's "historical" winemaking family Scamperle, who proudly produce the wine bearing Le Salette name.

Theirs too is a beautiful story. One which tells about decades of faithful farming and love for the land. The vineyards have grown slowly and carefully, always respecting the local technique, which is sensitive to nature and follows its rhythm to bring out the originality and characteristics of the grapes.

Why do we like it?

The wine is ripe, almost with a syrupy red cherry, red plum and raspberry aromas. After another nose, more fruits show up… black cherry, blackberry, prune, raisin and even dried cherry. On the palate, discover honey, chocolate, resin, tar, leather, bitter almond, and smoke. These are very complex wines, grapes are always picked very ripe and later in the season, hence the tremendous concentration. The Corvina grape derives from the Italian corvo, or "crow", a reference to the dark colour of the grapes. If you like big heavy Shiraz, you will absolutely love this wine.


Grape          70% Corvina & Corvinone, 30% Rondinella

Country        Italy                            

Region         Veneto                                

Vintage         2017

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