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2021 Kusuda, Riesling, Martinborough

Hiroyuki Kusuda loves wine since an early age and somehow knew it will be his future. After he went onto study Oenology and Viticulture at the Geisenheim University in 1997, he travelled in Australia, France and New Zealand and got so inspired by the terroir of Martinborough that he decided to call it home and moved definitely in 2001. He wanted to create something unique, to be compared to the greatest wines in the world. Kusuda is extremely meticulous, which partly explain the exceptional quality and amazing precision of his wines. Indeed, those are rare wines which don't see too often in Australia as the main market is obviously Japan where they have developed a cult following.

Why do we like it?

This is a delicious Riesling with a beautiful perfume to it, very much resembling the wines from Germany's Mosel Valley. Wines that are delicate, floral, fragrant and perfumed. These bottle has a huge longevity as its acidity is so elevated. The reward of keeping it for a few years will be paid off. Riesling is one of our favorite grapes and Kusuda does it the best in New Zealand. 


Grape          Riesling

Country        New Zealand                             

Region          Martinborough                   

Vintage         2021

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