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2021 Kumeu River 'Hunting Hill' Chardonnay, Auckland

The Brajkovich family have successfully grown strong and healthy in the New Zealand wine industry from the early days. The first generation of the family arrived in New Zealand in 1937, from Croatia, originally and with little experience in winemaking. Over the years they have dedicated themselves to produce world class Burgundy styled wines. They are seriously focused on their Chardonnay which is of a very high standard and internationally recognised.

Kumeu River grows 30 hectares of vineyards (about 250,000 a year), which are planted predominantly in clay soils with overlaying sandstone. These soil types retain sufficient water for the summer months, ensuring roots are properly hydrated, without excessive vigour. At Kumeu River everything is done by hand, including harvests – always done at full maturity but with a special care and attention to its acidity levels, keeping the wines sharply refreshing.

Why do we like it? 

The Hunting Hill Chardonnay was planted in 1982 and it contributes with ripe and rich fruit with a lovely underlying layer of acidity. Always hand-harvested, this 2021 is whole bunch pressed, is fermented with indigenous yeast, and is allowed to go 100% malolactic fermentation in oak barrels for 11 months. This adds incredible texture and buttery aromas, while retaining the acidity very well – truly unique to Kumeu River. 


Grape            Chardonnay

Country        New Zealand                             

Region          Auckland

Vintage         2021

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