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MV Maison Advinam 'L'Allumée', Graves, Bordeaux

The wine is produced by Anne Buiatti in the Graves region of Bordeaux with a natural wine philosophy. Maison Advinam is a fully certified biodynamic and organic estate. Overall there are zero additives and no sulphur, there is also no use of machines here, they even use a basket press for pressing the grapes. There is not even electricity being used in the winery! A must-try for any natural wine lover! 


 Why do we like it?

What we really loved about it was how energetic the glass of wine was, is like the fruit was screaming out of the glass, and extremely expressive. No finning or filtration, which is great as it adds to complexity, richness, and longevity, but expect some residue in the bottle. It shows fresh, vibrant black fruit aromas, as well as an intense floral character. You can totally decant this wine, but make sure you chill it a little bit beforehand, say to 15 degrees, it is always better to let it warm up in the glass than starting with it warm.


Grape           Malbec/Semillon/Cabernet Sauvignon

Country        France                                

Region          Bordeaux                                

Vintage         MV

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