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NV André Heucq "Heritage" Blanc de Meunier, Champagne

André Heucq started by producing Champagne for his own consumption well before they commercialised it. First bottles commercially available from 1936. A estate that is considered artisanal with tiny amounts of wine produced of very high quality. 

This small grower Champagne is rising in popularity, André Heucq is based in a small town called Cuisles in Vallée de la Marne. Most of the vine age is 30 years, adding to a lot of complexity.  

Andre Heucq is a tiny artisanal grower in the Vallee de la Marne, now run by the 4th generation. It's flying under the radar of many wine lovers! Due to their location, they have always privileged the Meunier grape and oak barrel vinification. Andre is a forward-thinking person, he has built an entire ecologically-friendly new production centre to complement his biodynamic approach in the vineyard. The Heritage is made from 100% Meunier and aged for 4 years on lees. Pure and long, beautiful crunchy green apple and fresh citrus notes with a hint of jasmine and nutty character. A sublime bottle!


Why do we like it?

The Heritage is made from Meunier grape, fermented in stainless steel and spend 48 months on lees with a dosage of Extra Brut at 4gm. It has so much life and displays some candied fruit with a delicate creamy texture and bright acidity and chalk minerality. Not too miss if you love Champagne!


Grape           100% Meunier 

Country        France                                 

Region          Champagne                                       

Vintage         NV


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