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NV Costadila 450 SLM Prosecco, Veneto

Located in the North of Venice, Italy, Costadila is a relatively recent Prosecco producer from the Tarzo region. It was founded by Ernesto Cattel and a group of partners in 2006. Though Ernesto has now quit his full-time job to focus entirely on the operation, everything started as a labor of love. The Costadila project's goal is to valorize and rejuvenate Tarzo's rich agricultural traditions by reintroducing natural farming to the region. The wines tend to be naturally fermented and not disgorged hence the lees sitting at the bottom of the bottle, creating unique flavours profiles for Prosecco.


Why do we like it?

The “450 sim” refers to the vineyard’s altitude. Everything at Costadilà is farmed organically. As for the wines, they are fermented with native yeasts until completely dry, then bottled with must made from passito grapes they dry themselves for secondary fermentation. The wines are bottled unfined, unfiltered, shipped with sediment and there is no dosage. This Methode Ancestral process produces wines with a light, naturally produced frizzante and an enjoyable 11% alcohol. This wine shows orangey, cloudy, savoury notes and drinks very well chilled. An incredible aperitivo which you could easily pair with a prosciutto-wrapped melon. The saltiness of the prosciutto and the fruitiness of the melon will be a great match the 450SLM.


Grape           Glera

Country        Italy                     

Region          Veneto                            

Vintage         NV

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