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NV Dehours 'Terre de Meunier'

We met Jérôme Dehours three years ago when he gave our team a masterclass for more than an hour. We fell in love with the wines and the man himself. He is very humble but forward-thinking and passionate, you couldn’t ask for more! Jérôme is located in the Vallée de la Marne in Champagne where in 1996 he decided to resurrect the beautiful 14 hectare estate thatonce belonged to his family before being sold to a big financial group. He farms organically and makes Champagne of character predominantly produced from the Pinot Meunier grape.    

Why do we like it?

Jérôme excels and is renowned for his 'Meunier style'; bold, flavourful and demonstrating a clear terroir-orientated approach. Upon tasting, you’ll understand how the characteristics of the Pinot Meunier grape have become inextricably linked to the identity of this iconic vineyard. The cuvée “Terre de Meunier” is a blend of selected vineyards of Pinot Meunier from different villages such as Mareuil-le-port, Troissy and Oeuilly. A low addition of reserve wine makes it pure and vibrant. It’s utterly delicious and expressive. Pass on it at your own risk!


Grape           Meunier

Country        France                                 

Region          Champagne                                       

Vintage         NV


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