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2018 Clos de Gamot, Cahors, France

Perhaps the best Cahors we have ever tried. A tiny producer in the Southwest region of France. From humble beginnings, the Jouffreau family passed winemaking traditions from father to son since 1610. The philosophy is of respect to the vineyards, with an approach that goes back to 1885, allowing them to produce intense wines, great quality fruit with deep concentration of colour and aromas. What is really cool about them is that their vineyards are very old, with some plots dating back a 100 years of age. "From a winemaking perspective, grapes are sorted when they join the cellar. Each plot is vinified separately, with gentle pumping over to keep a harmonious structure. Wine is aged for 18 to 24 months in old oak pungent with 40 years old foudre". Delicious indeed!

Why do we like it?

Apart of the very old low yielding vines, giving very concentrated wines of dark purple colour and an intense violet perfume. These wines are produced for most, organically, and will last a lifetime! They are so appealing with plenty ripeness giving a sense of sweetness, a touch of balsamic, dried thyme and graphite within a broad, firmly savoury frame. Take a few bottles, enjoy a couple over the next few years and let some rest in your cellar, you will be rewarded tremendously.


Grape            Malbec

Country        France                                 

Region          Cahors                                  

Vintage         2018

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