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2010 Bourgoin 'Cognac Double Lies'

Cognac Bourgoin is a family estate located in the village of Saint Saturnin, in Charente. The family-run company dates back to nearly 100 years, when in1933, Leon Marcel Bourgoin traveled to Cognac for a vintage and fell in love with his boss' daughter. He then decided to live in the region and planted vines of Ugni Blanc to make Cognac. Frederic represents the 3rd generation and decided to shake things up. After years of selling their Cognac to larger houses, it was time to create their own house style, one that focused on terroir and artisanal distillation. All grapes are grown organically, vinified with indigenous yeasts, distilled and bottled by hand, without blending or filtration. Less than 20,000 bottles produced every year, a lot of them finding their way to some of the finest restaurants in Paris and New York.

Why do we like it?

Another interesting thing is the fact that all their Cognac are produced from one grape only: Ugni Blanc, emphasising the expression of terroir through one grape rather than a blend. The Double Lies 2010 is an extraordinaryCognac that has been distilled with double the lies usually contained in the heating wine. Following this particular process, allows for the exceptional extraction of esters which creates an incomparable aromatic intensity. Charming aromas of dried apricot, cardamon, praline will delight the senses with a delicate rounded texture and superb length in the mouth.


Grape            Ugni Blanc

Country        France                                 

Region          Cognac                                      

Vintage         2010

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