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2015 Quinta da Romeira 'Prova Regia' Arinto

Quinta da Romeira dates back to 1703 in a tiny appellation called Bucelas, just about 20 kilometres from the capital, Lisbon. The region has a moderate climate, with cold winters and wonderful summers with plenty of sun, allowing for a consistent ripening. The soils are composed of limestone, identical to Sancerre or Chablis. As such, the Arinto can be quite similar in style too. 

Why do we like it?

The Arinto is a delicious little gem we discovered from one of our suppliers. Arinto somehow shows notes between a Riesling and a Semillon. In its youth, it has crisp apple, lemon, and lime notes.  As it ages, it develops into fig, browned toast and marmalade. It is really quite delicious. 


Grape            Arinto

Country        Portugal                                    

Region          Bucelas                                      

Vintage         2015

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