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2017 Bass Phillip 'Estate' Pinot Noir, Gippsland

Bass Phillip was founded by Mr Phillip Jones in 1979 at the age of 32. He told us, years ago, that he had planted Cabernet Sauvignon in the early days because his favourite wine was a classified growth Bordeaux and he wanted to replicate it. Fortunately, or unfortunately, not a single grape was grown. He then decided to replace the Cabernet Sauvignon with Pinot Noir and what a fantastic decision he made!

Bass Phillip has been organically farmed since 1993, and biodynamic since 2002. Today, the estate is run by Jean-Marie Fourrier, a very talented Burgundian winemaker that has done an internship with the legendary Henri Jayer. Henri was a French vintner who, it is said, revolutionised Viticulture and winemaking in Burgundy.

Why do we like it?

With the 'Estate' label, things get very interesting. The vineyard is very closely planted, low cropping and its totally unirrigated. The vines struggle and push each other so hard to fight for nutrients that the aromas and flavours are incredibly intense, ripe and juicy. The 'Estate' is then matured in oak, which gives the wine another layer of complexity and ultimately, longevity. Do not rush into opening this bottle too early, as it has certainly several years to develop. Ideally, you would have 6 bottles on hand and open one each year to experience the nuances and changes over the years.


Grape           Pinot Noir 

Country        Australia                                 

Region          Gippsland                                     

Vintage         2017

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