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2017 Domaine Prieuré St Christophe ‘Rouge’, Savoie

Michel Grisard is the guru of Savoie, he started to make wines back in 1971, with his father, who died the following year. After a few more years working for the family, he decided it was time to purchase his own estate, which would become Domaine Prieuré St Christophe, in 1982. The estate was in ruins, and it took a lot of dedication for Michel to turn it around. His aim was clear, he wanted “to turn Mondeuse into a great wine”. As the grape variety was not so popular at the time, it was no small task. Thanks to Michel, it is now the leading grape of Savoie and a reference for Alpine red wine. Michel is also a reference when he comes to biodynamic wine, which he started to use in the late 80’s.

His last vintage was in 2014, and since then the vines have been managed by Clément Giachino, the son of Frédéric Giachino of Domaine Giachino in Savoie which have been mentored by Michel, so it is safe to say that the estate is in good hands. From what we tasted, we couldn’t tell the difference and thought the wines were as extraordinary as when Michel was in charge.

Why do we like it?

The Mondeuse is a wonderful grape, it can remind a bit Pinot Noir but with the spice of Syrah. Seductive and fragrant while displaying aromas of wild blueberries and blackberries, a touch peppery and mineral, but with a delicacy that is special to Mondeuse. On the mid palate, it is slightly herbal, with subtle forest floor notes. 


Fruit             Mondeuse

Country        France                                 

Region          Savoie                                   

Vintage         2017


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