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2018 Brothers at War 'Single Vineyard Mataro'

Brothers at War is a serious project established in 2013 from two passionate siblings, Angus and Sam Wardlaw, where what started out as fun, helping their ‘old man’, became very serious. Today, they produce an astonishing range of vibrant and unique wines from across the Barossa and Eden Valleys. It's a young winery with an exciting and bright future. The range of wines are great but we truly fell in love with the Mataro which comes from 80+ years old vines.

Why do we like it?

The grape itself is most often seen in blends with Shiraz and Grenache but in good hands, and in good conditions, it can be incredible on its own too. Imagine a wine that has a strong intensity of aromas with ripe blackberry, black cherry aromas, a lot of wild herbs, tea and tobacco.  It is full bodied, elevated in tannin and acidity, with a wonderful pulpy and juicy fruit characteristics, lot of plums and blackberry along with a touch of garrigue and leathery notes, wonderful!

Grape           Mataro (Mourvedre)

Country        Australia                           

Region          Eden Valley                                

Vintage         2018

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