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2018 Castagna Allegro Pét-Nat, Beechworth

Castagna is made in Beechworth, Northeast of Victoria, by Julian and Carolann Castagna. From film making and writing respectively, they found themselves in love with wine and decided to plant a vineyard in Australia. Story goes that with the little money they made from selling their Sydney house, moved to a spot where they could be “pioneers” in planting Syrah (or Shiraz) and be successful. With their caravan made way to Beechworth to make wine. Pretty romantic if you ask me.


Why do we like it?

When you meet Julian Castagna, you literally immediately love the wines. He talks about them in a very composed manner, very calmly and confidently as if he knows about every single grape inside the wine. This Pet Nat is such a joy to drink, it is refreshing, light, juicy, uncomplicated and absolutely the best drop for a spring and summer picnic. Make sure you take two bottles, one won’t be enough. Drink well chilled. I last had it with a smoked salmon on toast! Very good!


Grape           Syrah/Viognier

Country        Australia                                 

Region          Beechworth                                     

Vintage         2018

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