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2018 Mauro Marengo 'Angela', Barolo, Piemonte

Mauro Marengo is a small winery located in the historic centre of the town of Novello, home to historic wineries and prestigious producers. Mauro is the owner and has surrounded himself with his family, his daughter Daniele, has been given the winemaking part and is doing very well! The strong link between the terroir and tradition is the pillar of what the family believe in for over three generations. 

Why do we like it?

Aged in 1000L barrels, this Barolo is extremely satisfying and complex and already very approachable. You don’t have to wait 10 years to enjoy it! You can age it for sure but you will have great pleasure at drinking it now too. It is revealing maraschino cherry, red plum with a hint of violet, rose and gingerbread. It possesses such a great perfumed quality to it. It is a wine thatpromises to age gracefully over the years, revealing even greater complexities and nuances with time. 


Grape           Nebbiolo

Country        Italy                        

Region          Piedmont                                       

Vintage         2018


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