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2018 Szepsy Nyulaszo Furmint Tokaj

Istvan Szepsy, or 'Lord of Wine' as he is also known in the Tokaj region, and his family have been making wine since the 16th century. If winemaking culture and tradition still play an important role in today's fast-moving wine world, then at Szepsy they are at the centre of it all. Especially since the 1990s when the ruling party changed, Szepsy has been immensely obsessed with quality. From their dry Furmints to the sweet luscious 'Eszencia' every bottle is unique.

Why do we like it?

While we worked at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal in London we served Szepsy 'Szamorodni' Tokaji by the glass with a dessert called Tipsy Cake. Tipsy Cake was a brioche soaked in brandy and sugar with roasted pineapple on the side served with the sweet Tokaji, it was wonderful and a great way for us to experience the wine. But here we are referring to the dry stuff, Nyulaszo is a single vineyard in Tokaj which Istvan Szepsy makes a dry version and it is insanely delicious!  With a strong sense of mineral and tropical fruit, it is full-bodied, has a round texture, and a very long finish. Dry... Delicious... Rich... 


Grape            Furmint

Country        Hungary                                

Region          Tokaj

Vintage        2018   

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