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2019 Crissante Alessandria,“Pian delle Masche” Dolcetto d’Alba, Piedmont

 Absolutely delightful Dolcetto, from a very historical place, and with well over a century of winemaking in the family. Located in the Piedmont region, in the North-western corner of Italy. This region is mostly known for the wines of Barolo, Barbaresco and its Nebbiolo grapes however it is not just about Nebbiolo. There is also the softer, juicier and approachable Dolcetto!

Crissante started production in 1958, and from hands to hands in the same family, they proudly make unique wines that have a strong sense of place. The Dolcetto is grown in marl-calcareous soils, at an altitude of between 300-350 metres above sea level. And believe it or not, only 1200 bottles are produced each year so, congratulations!  If you read this, you are one of the lucky 1200.

Why do we like it?

The region is cold with its alpine looks, morning mists and fogs, almost mysterious, but behind all of this grows some of the best and most interesting wine in the world. For this bottling, think of cherry and cranberry. With high acidity and elevated tannins, though much softer than Nebbiolo. This is a perfect combination for the local charcuterie, cheese, and of course white truffle. What grows together, goes together. Now that the Winter is back, no need to chill the wines too much, a mere 16 degrees will be fine.


Grape           Sangiovese

Country        Italy                            

Region          Tuscany                                

Vintage         2019

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