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2019 Domaine le Petit St Vincent 'Les Poyeux’, Saumur-Champigny

Domaine le Petit St Vincent is run by Dominique Joseph, a fifth-generation producer, very talented and extremely friendly, he is one to visit if you ever visit that part of the world. He has a great reputation for his work and his wines, we have been working with this Domaine for years and he never misses. While these wines are some of the greatest wines of the Loire Valley, the wines still represent great value, but don’t tell anyone, please!

Les Poyeux vineyard is one of the most outstanding vineyards of Saumur-Champigny, Clos Rougeard makes one of the rarest and most accomplished wines from it. Well, let me tell you, this is as close as it gets from it.

Why do we like it?

It is as smooth as Cabernet Franc can be, almost tender, with an appealing fruit character. A bit of plum with blackberry notes, all fresh, the tannin are elegant and fine grained. The structure is driven by fruit and a silky texture. The palate is charming, round and with delicate concentration. You can age this wine for up to 10 years easily but it will be wonderful now.


Grape           Cabernet Franc 

Country        France                                             

Region          Saumur-Champingny

Vintage        2019

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