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2020 Luis Perez ‘La Escribana’ Vino de Pasto, Jerez, Spain

La Escribana is made in Jerez, Andalucia by the Perez family who have been winemakers for several generations. In 2002, Willy Perez and his father Luis, a professor of oenology at the University of Cadiz and former winemaker at Domecq, set up their bodega just northwest of Jerez. They were interested in exploring the historic pagos (single vineyards) that used to define and give character to the wine of Jerez.

Vino de Pasto is the name for an unfortified wine in the region. La Escribana is made from 100% Palomino grape which is also the main grape used in Sherry production. For this cuvee, all the grapes come from Cerro de Obispo which is a legendary hill in the famous pago of Macharnudo on albariza (limestone) soil.

The picking is done in two stages, the first pick of slightly greener grapes which add a bright freshness to the wine and a second one with more ripe & matured grapes. This is due to Palomino not having much acidity, therefore the early picked grape will contribute to a more balanced wine. An important part of the ageing is done in old sherry casks of 80 years old in contact with the lees. Ageing under flor adds a salty savouriness.

Why do we like it?

This is not your everyday wine but it's incredible nonetheless, every friend Sommelier i drunk that with were always by the wine. Give it some time and appreciate the broadness of the texture and let the aromatics of dried yellow flowers, yellow apple, light yeast and seashell come at you. It’s pretty incredible as the mineral sensation will call for food.


Grape           Palomino

Country        Spain                                 

Region          Jerez                                       

Vintage         2020

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