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2020 Millton Clos de Ste. Anne, ‘La Bas Chenin Blanc’ Gisborne

Founded in 1984 by James and Annie Millton. the winery brand themselves as the first organic and biodynamic winery in New Zealand. Their three vineyards in Gisborne are very unique, a true representation of terroir; the Opou, Te Arai and the Clos de Ste Anne all located in Manutuke. There is something special about this place and it may be the proximity to the Pacific Ocean and the geologically youthful sedimentary soils. Cooling sea breezes keep the climate friendly and temperate in high summer.

Traditional viticulture is practiced in all vineyards which are all dry-farmed, with no insecticide, herbicide, systemic fungicide or soluble fertilisers used. So, as you can imagine these wines have life, they scream of purity and freshness…therefore they are quite long lived too.

Why do we like it?

The Clos de Ste. Anne is the jewel of the estate. We at My Sommeliers love Chenin Blanc and for good reason, it is in Dorian’s heart as he is from the Loire Valley, home to the varietal. This is a slightly different approach from the traditional Chenin Blanc, 'French style', crisp in freshness but silky in texture, rich in the mouth showing complex flavours of pineapple, pear and white flowers, as well as a touch of toastiness and white flowers. The wine lingers over, rich and sourly fresh on the finish.

Grape           Chenin Blanc

Country        New Zealand                             

Region          Gisborne                       

Vintage        2020

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