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2020 The Eyrie, Pinot Gris, Oregon

This was the first Pinot Gris in the USA, the vineyards were planted by David Lett who established the very tone of Oregon winegrowing, artisanal, individualistic, even idiosyncratic… Literally if you look into Oregon’s over 300 producers you can trace it back to David Lett. David planted the vineyards in the 1960’s, and is all certified organic today. At Eyrie, everything happens naturally in the winery, fermentations occur at their own pace, natural yeasts are employed, extended skin contact for the Pinot Gris and full malolactic to ensure the most complex expression. Minimal racking, no fining or filtration.

Why do we like it?

Their approach gives the wine a beautiful complexity at youth, but a legendary length too. Recent tastings of the 1977, 1983 and 1991 all continue to show amazing freshness. I wonder… who will resist them? On the palate, the wine resembles a little to a great Chardonnay, it is textured, round and creamy. Even tough Pinot Gris isn’t a grape that typically holds acidity very well, in that case it does show tons of freshness, the nose is suggestive of spring with notes of chamomile and lemongrass; the palate is more intense in both flavour and mouthfeel. An ageworthy take on the grape.

Grape           Pinot Gris 

Country       USA                               

Region         Oregon                            

Vintage       2020

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