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2020 Tilley’s Shiraz, Heathcote

Andrew became a friend of My Sommeliers when he came in for dinner a few months ago with Michael Dhillon from Bindi winery in Macedon Ranges. Andrew has a background in IT and engineering, but he is also a lawyer. Of course, as if that wasn’t enough, he falls in love with wine while helping Michael making his wine in Heathcote. He then went on to purchase a little bit of land, planted it with Shiraz and started the fun! This 2020 is his absolute first wine made, and even more interestingly you can’t find it anywhere, as it wasn’t commercially sold! So, you have something unique here. 

Why do we like it?

The wine has a lovely intensity to it, with ripe black cherries and black currants. It also reveals a lifted floral perfume matched with some curing spices, such as cloves and nutmeg. We feel the wine is still young, so you can age it for another 5 years to come. Now that the warmer days are here, and if you decide to open it sooner, chill the wine to 15 degrees to minimise the alcohol but maximise the beautiful fruit aromas. 

Grape           Shiraz

Country        Australia                                 

Region          Heathcote                                 

Vintage         2020

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