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2021 A Los Vinateros Bravos, ‘Volcanico Pais’, Itata, Chile

What a discovery that was! Leonardo Erazo who is behind this label, works with historic vineyards in Itata in Southern Chile, a nearly forgotten viticultural valley some 400km south of Santiago. Los Vinateros Bravos refers to the traditional vine farming families who represent a history century old that are on the verge of disappearing. These vineyards are dry-grown and have never seen commercial farming. For the Bravos wines, Leo buys grapes from farmers with minimal direction in the vineyard, they come as they come but most are organic and very healthy fruits. All wines are made in Leo’s winery with a focus on old school, concrete fermentation vessels. Leo also collects old amphora (dating back to 1788) and traditional large format oak vessels.

Why do we like it?

What is Pais grape you must ask? Pais is the name of the grape in Chile, but it is also known as Criolla Chica in Argentina and Mission in North America. It is a red grape variety which comes from Tenerife and was the first Vitis vinifera grape variety to be exported from the Spain to South America in the 16th Century.

It is probably the best example we have tried, a wine that you should serve in Pinot Noir glasses, it is showing an attractive and super-vibrant plum and mulberry fruit character, combined with liquorice and fresh herbs flavours. The palate if firm and dense with real depth as well as a lightness touch, so good!

Grape            Pais

Country        Chile                            

Region          Itata                        

Vintage        2021

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