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2021 Domaine de l’Agramante ‘Cuvée Ciaülà’, Côtes-du-Rhône

Domaine de l’Agramante was started in 2018 by Carlo La Rocca when he gambled on a small 2 hectares vineyard in Sabran (a small village in the Southern Rhône, near Orange) which was also his first vintage made in tiny quantity. Perhaps it was beginner’s luck, but it was a great success as the wines were delicious! The following year, he acquired a further 2.5 hectares high in the Ardèche hills which gave him access to some high-quality Cinsault and Counoise grapes. Today, Carlo owns about 5 hectares of vineyard and is set to make more succulent wines (from some Sicilian grape varieties I heard!).

At l’Agramante, the farming has been organic and the winemaking very hands-off from the beginning with no oak involved and minimal SO2 usage. 

Why do we like it?

The 2021 was a classical year for the ‘Cuvée Ciaülà’, full of bright flavours and moderate alcohol that perfectly suits his desire to craft a wine of fruit and freshness. Purity, liveliness and perfume can be hard to find in most Côtes-du-Rhône reds these days, and that’s precisely what we love about these wines. The blend here is Grenache-dominant, with a good portion of Syrah and the remaining balance of Cinsault. Full of fresh cassis, mulberriy and violet cordial along with a bit of peppery notes, it’s fragrant, perfumed, and delightful! 


Grape           Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault & Counoise 

Country        France                                  

Region          Rhône Valley                       

Vintage         2020

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