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2021 Domaine Laguerre ‘EOS Blanc’, Côtes du Roussillon

The Laguere family dates back a few centuries as wine producers in this southern part of France, the Roussillon. But in 1999, Éric, the now man in charge of Laguerre wines, decided to change the concept that was run before him for so long. He chose to reduce production by cutting yields back, but also to eliminate chemical treatments in the vineyards. This is a closer approach to natural, but with filtration.

The region is characterized by a Mediterranean climate, with moderate winters and warm summers. The soils are mainly of granite and sand, therefore a deep root system allowing for vines to age for very long time, giving concentrated wines. Éric is a fan of biodynamics, so he regulates himself on the lunar calendar to preserve and respect the activity of living organisms present in the soil and the vegetative cycles of the vine.

Why do we like it?

When we tried this ‘EOS Blanc’, we simply found it marvellous, lightly aromatic, with Provencal herbs, marzipan, slightly buttery and musky. Lovely moderate level of acidity, and nutty characteristics too. Medium bodied and well-balanced alcohol. Even more delicious with food, suggesting grilled squid with garlic sauce and aromatic herbs. This EOS is perfectly ready to drink, and won’t improve massively with age, so open the bottle and enjoy it at 13 degrees in large chardonnay glasses…and, as always, with good company.


Fruit             Grenache Blanc & Macabeu 

Country        France                              

Region          Roussillon                                   

Vintage         2021


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