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2021 Domaine le Petit St Vincent 'Les Perruchets’, Saumur

Domaine le Petit St Vincent is run by Dominique Joseph, a fifth-generation producer, very talented and extremely friendly, he is one to visit if you ever visit that part of the world. He has a great reputation for his work and his wines, we have been working with this Domaine for years and he never misses. While these wines are some of the greatest wines of the Loire Valley, the wines still represent great value, but don’t tell anyone, please!

Located in the village of Varrains, in the heart of the Saumur-Champigny AOP, Dominique has made some serious improvements over the years, switching to organic viticulture in 1992, to finally become certified in 2010, separating out his top lieux-dits (translation: single vineyards) such as Les Poyeux in 2011.

Why do we like it?

Les Perruchets is a single vineyard of 0.3 hectares, ideally located on heavy limestone soils with clay and rocks on top. It should be noted that all of Dominique’s wines are aged underground in deep caves sprawling under the village and cut out of the tuffeau (friable limestone soil with marine fossils, typical of that part of the region). This wine is a rarity with only a couple of thousand of bottles made every vintage in one of Saumur’s praised locations for Chenin Blanc. The nose will seduce you with a touch of ripe grapefruit, baked apple, and jasmine. On the palate, it is precise with a lovely roundness and tight acidity that procure the wine’s immense depth. 

Grape           Chenin Blanc

Country        France                                 

Region          Loire Valley                                     

Vintage         2021

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