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2021 Prunotto, Arneis, Langhe, Piedmont

In 1904 "Ai Vini delle Langhe", a winemaking co-op, was incorporated in the city council room of Serralunga's Town Hall presided by Mr. Giacomo Oddero. Alfredo Prunotto was a witness to the ceremony. The first harvest took place in 1905 but by 1922 many of the members have decided to stop delivering their grapes to the co-op. The vintage was exceptional but was not abundant, so the co-op began to have serious financial difficulties and was put into liquidation. Meanwhile Alfredo married Luigina and both decided to take over the "Ai Vini delle Langhe" and renamed it Prunotto… the rest is history!

Why do we like it?

Arneis is a crisp and floral grape, but tough to grow since it’s low-cropping and susceptible to many vineyard diseases. In the 2021 vintage, the vineyards had plenty water from rain showers, even some snowfall providing plenty water reserve. Cycle was going beautifully until some frost reduced the yields significantly, then at Spring and Summer, fine days ripened the grapes to produce this delicious wine. All matured in stainless steel to preserve freshness, to be served chilled at around 12 degrees to enjoy the vibrant character of that beautiful wine. 

Grape            Arneis

Country        Italy                                    

Region          Piedmont                                 

Vintage         2021

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