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2021 Robert Weil ‘Kiedriecher’ Riesling Trocken, Rheingau

Robert Weil winery is a renowned German estate located in the Rheingau region. The grape thrives in their top-quality site which was first purchased by Dr Robert Weil in 1867. With a rich winemaking heritage spanning over 150 years, the winery is known for its exceptional Rieslings, that’s the only grape grown at the estate! Under the meticulous care of the fourth generation of the Weil family, the winery produces wines of outstanding quality and elegance. Each bottle reflects the perfect harmony of traditional winemaking techniques and modern innovation. With a commitment to sustainability and a deep respect for nature, Robert Weil Winery crafts exquisite wines that delight wine enthusiasts around the world.

Why do we like it?

At thel winery, harvest is a mammoth task, lasting a minimum of 8-10 weeks. As many as 17 passes of intensive and selective hand harvesting take place to ensure only the very best grapes make it to the winery. Not a challenge for the faint-hearted! The 2021 Robert Weil 'Kiedricher' Riesling Trocken is from the higher vineyards in Kiedrich’s village, the wine shows intense lime and slatey mineral notes along with white and yellow fruit such as white pear and yellow plum. It’s incisive with cutting-edge and a mouth-watering floral and perfume. 

Grape            Riesling

Country        Germany                               

Region          Rheingau                                      

Vintage         2021

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