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2021 Tim Smith Wines, Shiraz, Barossa Valley

Tim Smith Wines started in 2001 and is very much influenced by producers from the Northern and Southern Rhone Valley in France, while at the same time being really understanding of the techniques that work best in Barossa. A vast knowledge comes from exploring, learning, watching, and working overseas for a vintage and adapting that knowledge to their own vineyards and wines. They respect what has been done for 180 years before them in the Barossa, therefore they will keep doing the same. 

Why do we like it?

Their wines are typically rich, polished, and structured for longevity, but also with a brightness of fruit that invites early drinking. The wines are matured mostly in French oak, and mostly 500 litre ‘puncheons’ to slow down the oak uptake and preserve aromatics. Wines are rich, full of body and tannins, with ripe black berries, black cherries, plenty spiciness with notes of black pepper, and a very long smoky finish.

Grape           Shiraz

Country        Australia                                 

Region          Barossa Valley                                     

Vintage         2021

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