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NV JM Roulot 'l'Apricot', Apricot Liqueur, Burgundy

Jean-Marc Roulot is one on the finest producer of white Burgundy there is. His wines are pretty hard to get and will find their way to the best restaurants in the country. But wine is not the only things he makes. Let us introduce you to one of our favorite fruit liqueur: l'Apricot! It was started by his father, Guy Roulot, who produced an apricot liqueur for many years before his passing. When Jean-Marc discovered a few dusty bottles in the back of a cellar, he decided he will try to recreate his father's recipe. The fruit are coming from the Rhône Valley from the orchards of Laurent Combier of Domaine Combier. Once the very ripe apricots are pitted, they are left to infuse in neutral spirit for a few months. 

Why do we like it?

This liqueur is simply incredible, the texture is generous and will catch your palate with a bold fruit and vibrant flavours of freshly harvested apricot, apricot blossom and a touch of nuttiness. It is so authentic and exceptional, almost inspirational as you sip it. With 160gr of sugar and 25% alcohol, the balance is very well managed. Have it slightly chilled after a big dinner and surprise everyone with one of the most fabulous and charming liqueur we ever tried!


Fruit             Apricot

Country        France                                 

Region          Burgundy                                    

Vintage         NV

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