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NV Frederic Savart 'L'Ouverture' (base 2020)

Frederic Savart is based in Ecueil, a small village located in the Montagne de Reims. He is a 3rd generation vignerons that came back at the estate in 2005, working 4 hectares of organically-farmed vineyards mostly  planted with Pinot Noir with only half hectares of Chardonnay. The family business was founded by Frederic's grandfather who bought the first vineyards in 1947. Frederic spends most of his life in the vineyards, working the soil and looking after his vines. He embraces an ideal of preventing diseases and pest rather than combating them after they have hits his vineyards, encouraging a diverse ecosystem for the plant. After harvest, he does as little as possible in the cellar, the production has always remained extremely limited and Frederic is making high quality, authentic and genuine Champagne that are highly sought after.

Why do we like it?

L'Ouverture is an incredible Blanc de Noirs, fermented in a combination of stainless steel and neutral barrels which has real poise. A touch of pear and citrus notes combined with honey, fresh bread and dried stone fruits flavours. It is extremely lively and superbly balanced!. Once you try it, I can certainly said that you will keep coming back to source more of it as they will leave a life long memory, truly one of the greatest!


Grape           100% Pinot Noir

Country        France                                 

Region          Champagne                                       

Vintage         Base 2020 


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