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2018 Valderroa Carballo, Mencia, Valdeorras, Spain

Valderroa produces wine exclusively from the oldest plots of land in Valdeorras. These vineyards are located in very high altitude, the highest in Galicia, where pure black slate rock can be found. It is a standard bearer of so-called extreme viticulture and is a wine for ageing which explores the variety’s most intellectual and vertical side.

Why do we like it?

Mencia is a black grape variety used for red wine production. It is believed to originally come from Bierzo (Spain). It is an early-budding and mid-ripening grape variety with small bunches and medium-sized, thick-skinned berries. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks, for maturation is moved for a small amount of time to oak barrels.

Aroma wise it displays raspberry, blackberry, pomegranate, spices and a strong sense of minerality given by the intense local dark slate rock of very un-nutritious nature. This is a delicious bottling with potential for ageing.

Grape            Mencia

Country        Spain                                 

Region          Valdeorras                                      

Vintage         2018

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