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NV Famille Delouvin "Fauve" Brut Nature Symbiose Champagne

Geoffrey Delouvin is a 10th generation winemaker working with 7.5 hectares solely in Vandieres, Vallée de la Marne. Two ranges of Champagne are made: the Delouvin-Nowack which is the oldest range and which we could consider as the classic one, and the Famille Delouvin which has more of Geoffrey' signature, Champagne that are rich and engaging with ample complexity and depth, and a strong identity of terroir. Geoffrey likes to promote the microbiological life of the soil, hence why he doesn't used any chemicals fertilizers or insecticides in the vineyards. These wines are unbelievable with a great level of texture and persistence! 

Why do we like it?

The secret recipe for those amazing Champagne is found in the vineyard, mass selection, short pruning to preserve the yield & natural grassing are just a few examples of the rigorous care taken with the plants. The Fauve Champagne is aged for 6 years before being disgorged and no malolactic was done. The result is a Champagne with zero dosage that displays a beautiful nose with loads of fresh nectarine and citrus and a touch of brioche and toast. It has a piercing freshness and brilliant texture and depth of fruit. ONLY 4000 bottles produced!

Grape           75% Chardonnay & 25% Pinot Meunier

Country        France                                            

Region          Champagne                                     

Vintage         NV

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