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2019 An Approach To Relaxation "Sucette" Grenache, Barossa Valley

A wine label created by a very passionate couple, Carla and Richard, both American, living in Amsterdam but making wine in South Australia. They own the “RZA Block”, a very old vine vineyard of Grenache. In this vineyard, as opposed of what’s happening in most Barossa (red clay), their vines are planted on sandy soils. So let’s break this down; sandy soils give the wine high toned aromatics and it helps develop a silky texture which is comparable to Pinot Noir.

The youngest Grenache in their vineyard was planted in 1992, the older vines date back to the 1800’s. Insane, right?

Why do we like it?

I must also say that this is a fantastic one! It does not taste like your everyday Grenache, which may have the characteristics of being high in alcohol, high in tannins, low in acidity and overripe.  This bottle is pretty much the opposite, it is fine, silky and elegant. Plenty of red fruit aromas, a fine touch of aromatic herbs and, while the alcohol is elevated, the acidity is fresh. With fine-grained tannins and a long lingering finish, that is not only balanced but also complex this is worth your attention.


Grape           Grenache 

Country        Australia                                 

Region          Barossa Valley                                     

Vintage         2019

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