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2021 Les Creisses Pays d'Oc Rouge, Languedoc

Domaine des Creisses is a family estate that has been cultivating 13 hectares of vines since 1904. Yes, it is a 110-year-old wine estate! In 1990, Philippe Chesnelong, then a lawyer, took over the family estate. A rising star in the Languedoc, Domaine des Creisses is above all a story of terroir: white and red quartz pebbles, fragments of schist, deep and outcropping limestone, basaltic rock. The originality of the Domaine is indeed a story of rock, translated in the past by the name of ‘Les Creisses’. Les Creisses represents two terroirs: first an 11-hectare stony clay-limestone plateau with deep soil, and a terrace of 20 hectares of gravel. 

Why do we like it?

Aged for about 12 months in old barrels after fermentation with soft extraction, this wine represents all the elements we love about Mediterranean wines when they are well made: a sense of place, drinking them takes you directly there, heather, thyme, juniper, powerful yet pure and elegant with ripe black fruits and fresh tannins.

Grape           Syrah, Grenache & Cabernet Sauvignon

Country        France                                 

Region          Languedoc                          

Vintage         2021

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