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2023 William Downie Cathedral Pinot Noir

Bill Downie from William Downie is a great winemaker. He was the Young Australian Winemaker of the Year in 2006. He may not be as young as he was then (are any of us?), but he is even more talented than he was then. His wines are made with minimum intervention and in the most natural way possible. 

Why do we like it?

Be ready to be surprised by the wine delicious vibrant red cherry and strawberry aromas and flavours. It is made in a very simple way too, in which Bill allows for the grape juice to ferment as it wants to. The wine often has some dissolved CO2 which creates some fizziness in the bottle. We suggest you open the bottle after it has been slightly chilled and then decant the wine to get rid of the slight bubbles and discover this beauty! 


Grape            Pinot Noir

Country        Australia                                 

Region          Victoria    

Vintage         2023

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